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Bare Energy | Branding

Bare Energy are a pre-workout brand with three delicious flavours to choose from. They first came to us to design their logo and were keen on using a bear within the logo. Bare Energy were quite happy for us to be bold in our design and create something that stands out from the norm. When it came to designing their packaging, colours were of the utmost importance! Firstly, to represent the flavour of the drink but also to make the product really stand out on the shelf. The use of mountains here are symbolic to the brand but also give the feel of adventure and excitement which is what Bare Energy is all about!

What Brad had to say:

"I enlisted the help of Capture House to help me with a design project for my supplement brand. I have worked with Sam and the team before and so I was confident they could deliver on what I needed. I was first greeted by Fiona who took all the main details and priced my work, she was very pleasant and timely in her responses. I then spoke with Sam who really took the details to figure out what I wanted and what I was going for. I explained my brand, what I was looking to achieve and where my product would be, and then let the Capture House team have complete creative freedom. When I saw the results I knew I made the right choice, as per, the team had completed my project to an extremely high standard and was very quick to complete what I needed. I can not explain how great they are and will be recommending them as much as humanly possible."


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