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Production Process 

Photography Production


There are many different types of photography that can be used in commercial photography. The main focus with commercial photography is that it is more specifically oriented to a company for advertising, The main focus with commercial photography is that it is more pacifically oriented to a company for advertising and promoting.

The production process at Capture House

We have a system in place when we need to photograph bulk products, which may include anything up to 300 different products. Thus, we can ensure that everything has been photographed and the highest quality images are being used.


From the beginning, we normally have a spreadsheet that we can refer to and see all the products from the product codes. Products will have a label telling us which product this is. Sorting through the images starts with a white background. From there, the lighting is adjusted and made suitable for the product. We will then take multiple images of this product to ensure we have two high-quality copies. We use an application called Lightroom which has all the cameras so we can see the images on a larger display. Once we are happy with the results we will flag that image as the final one making it easier to refer back to when editing. From here we will continue to work down the list photographing different products. Normally we will have two colleagues working through this shoot one to organise the product which in a lot of cases can be a drink and the other colleague organising through the spreadsheet and photographing the products. This just operation will move much more smoothly this way.


At the end of this process, we will have a full list of products for the lifestyle and studio backgrounds. Once all the white background images are done, these will normally get handed off to another colleague. He will then start the team cut out all the products and then have them either converted to a PNG where the client can either decide the background they want or we will have 

it finished on a white background with a small shadow underneath the product. While this is going on the lifestyle images will be under finished on a white background with a small shadow underneath the product. During this time, lifestyle images will be produced. Lifestyle images can take longer. This is because we want to ensure we have an environment created which suits the product we are photographing. For example, wine cocktails and beer can be seen in very different environments. If it’s expensive glassware we would want to give more premium style images

Occasionally, we may choose to go to a restaurant for a small number of products. By doing this, we will have the most lifelike image possible and as well have models to either hold the drinks or pour them. During a larger mass production of the shoot, the images are taken on television backgrounds, which allows us to quickly switch between scenes while maintaining a similar lighting set-up. Having props around the product, such as table napkins, plates, and bottles of beer or wine, creates a more complete look to the image.


By the time the lifestyle images are done a lot of the white background images will have also been completely set. Normally one colleague or two will assign and sort through all the edited images making any adjustments needed. A lot of the time one of the biggest things that need to be edited can be some minor reflections or a water droplet on the glass.


When sorting through and checking the images, close attention is required since you will encounter either droplets on the table or markers on the glass. The most effective way to check for these errors is to clean all surfaces as best as you can without making them wet. This will ensure that the next product can have a completely brand-new scene. Fresh fruit must also be used as props in the images. This is because when shooting at such a high resolution it can be obvious when we see any deformity or change in pigment at all. In this case, if the shoot is a lot of drink products, we will buy different fruits for the white background and lifestyle images to ensure a high-quality image is produced.


The final step to all of this is having the work checked over once again by a colleague to spot any imperfections in the image. Once everything has been cleared everything is then uploaded to the shared drive folder. This can then be linked into an email and then the client will be able to access all of the images via a download basis.


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