6 reasons why you should do video production

January 28, 2020


Chances are that if you’re reading this you’re either a marketer for a small/ medium business or you own one and are doing all the marketing yourself! (I don’t envy you!). You’re probably also thinking about video production as a part of your marketing strategy too.

Hopefully, I’ll convince you to create your own video with these 6 enticing reasons to start on your video product journey!  




1. The stats don’t lie!


The numbers don’t lie when it comes to marketing, if you’re a marketer you’ll know that you’re always thinking about return on investment (ROI). Luckily for you, video production is actually pretty good at this. If you’re not sure it’s for you, you can start off cheaply by doing it yourself and uploading to social media.


Video is the big thing. 

An estimated 80% of online traffic is video. The good thing about the internet is it’s great for finding a niche audience, so whatever you do there’s someone who wants to watch it and interact with your business. 

Whilst online video is growing so are businesses that use it. A brand that uses video is likely to grow 47% more than brands that don’t! If that statistic alone hasn’t convinced you I’ll continue to point number 2.


2. It’s Versatile


Well made video is very versatile, it can be used on almost any platform, your website, social media or a trade show. The same video can be used for multiple things if you’re smart about it. A professional promotional video can be edited to make something suitable for Instagram or your website. 

Video engages your audience, it keeps people on your social media page, website and at your exhibition stand. It can create a talking point for your audience, giving you much better engagement.


3. Much better engagement


If you’re thinking of using video on your social media, then you should! Social media posts with video have 48% more views than normal text or image,

If you’re thinking about using video for your website then you’re in luck, there’s a stat for that as well! A website with video is 53x more likely to reach the front page of Google. Not only is video great for social media, but your SEO too!




4. Shareable


Video is much more sharable between friends or colleagues as it can evoke more emotion than an image. Whether you share a funny office video or something informational about your business it’s a more effective way of conveying information. Interestingly viewers retain 97% of a message when through video, So if you’re trying to sell your latest product, they’re more likely to remember about it through a video.


5. Prioritised by social media platforms


Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are starting to prioritise video from their users. This is because they know that video keeps people on the platform for longer, and thus keeps people looking at your profile and content for longer! Social media sites will often push your video content to users more than normal posts, getting you to more people who may not normally see your profile.

Want to learn more about how to boss your social media? Check out our guide on how to get instant Facebook page likes!





6.Helps the branding of your business/validity


As a marketer, you know that your brand is what differentiates you from any other brand, so you want your online presence to reflect your brand identity.

Video can achieve great brand recognition and awareness through promo videos, selfie videos or even just interviews. It all helps your customers to understand and connect with your brand. 



Video production was once expensive, costly and risky. Now it’s easy to give it a go, with just your phone and a social media presence. You don’t have to do anything fancy to make an impact, just talking to the camera about yourself or your business can get some traction and help your branding.




If you want to learn more about content creation and social media marketing check out our Facebook group: The Creative Collective, We aim to help grow your business through content and to captivate your audience.

Statistics: https://biteable.com/blog/tips/video-marketing-statistics/



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