From SEO Zero to SEO Hero

November 18, 2019


 Get your SEO up to speed


No one really knows the exact formula to get the perfect SEO for your site and to get you up the Google rankings. But there are some things you can do that might just be the difference between you and your competitors. 


Elements of SEO


Local Search



Being a local business can make it tough to compete online with larger companies. However, users are searching more locally and you can be up the rankings getting more traffic to your site. If you’re an Italian restaurant you want to be at the top, Google Mybusiness allows you to create a profile for your business. 


Ranking is based on relevance, distance and prominence. This means you need to make your businesses description and website content relevant to what your customers are searching for.

But how do you know what your customers are searching for?


Keyword Planning


You can use Keyword planning to target your website to your audience, this is when you input certain words or phrases into the copy of your website. Google scans your site and looks for frequently used words and ranks you based on it. Therefore getting the right Keywords is vital to hitting the right audience. This is where your website content comes in.


Website Content


The more relevant content you have the better your SEO and the more likely someone is to stumble onto your site. And thus more likely to turn into a customer. The most popular forms of content are  blog posts, guides and explanation pages and are all important to help you get ranked. Another way to make your content rank on search engines is to 

make your titles and subtitles, and make sure they are short, relevant and contain the page’s keywords! Google uses these to rank your website, and users read them. Make them enticing and relevant to what they might be searching. 



Although this is a good start there’s only so much you can learn online. Getting your info from experts is the best way to increase your rankings. Hear seminars by SEO and social media experts at our Engage seminar, and demystify the world of SEO and digital marketing.

There are only limited spaces available: Engage Seminar



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