Creating user-friendly SEO

November 11, 2019




What is SEO?

We’ve all heard of SEO and how it’s an important feature in your digital marketing. It’s true that it can help you compete with other businesses and make sure more people see you. However, SEO can be intrusive to your message and content, but it can be user-friendly and less intrusive; so that your readers won’t notice and can even make their experience much better. 


User-friendly SEO

User-friendly SEO helps with creating content that engages, effectively conveys your message, and grows your reputation.

It can also make your content easier to read and understand.

User-friendly SEO is all about making your content and website easier to see, read and understand, all whilst increasing your search positioning. 


Writing style

Before you even start writing you need to keep your customers in mind, who are you talking to and what do they want to read about? After you’ve figured this out you should think about the writing style. 

The best way to make user-friendly SEO is to make your content easily readable for your customers. You can achieve this by using short sentences, short paragraphs and transition words. This can help to retain users on your site and get them interested in what you do.


Tagging your content 

Tags are useful for many different reasons, you can use alt tags to describe images on your site. As well as being useful for accessibility on your site Search engines use them to better understand the content on your website and help you rank based on them. 

Many website creation tools allow you to edit the title and meta tags on Google. These are what Google tells users about your page in searches, it should include the page keywords and be descriptive so people click on your page. 


Want to learn more? Why not learn from the experts at the Engage Sessions at Capture House. With SEO expert Danielle Haley who will be talking more about user friendly SEO and how to achieve maximum results from your website and content. With experts in SEO and Social media you can learn how to get your audience engaged and turn them into customers. 


Interested in SEO?

Check out: From SEO Zero to SEO Hero! 

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