4 Best Instagram pages to steal ideas from

February 26, 2020

It’s time to be honest about social media marketing, a lot of the time it’s all about “borrowing” from other businesses pages and tweaking it to fit your goals. So I’ve found a few of the best Instagram pages for you to steal content ideas from! I’ve broken them down into the types of businesses, business to business and business to consumer. So let’s get right into it! 


Business to business service



First up is Hubspot. Hubspot is a sales management software platform, made for business leaders, executives and salespeople to track their sales and clients. 



Their Instagram is a great example of how to tailor your content to who your clients are. Hubspot’s clients are interested in sales and numbers. They want to know that the software can get real results and can really help their business to grow.



This post is a perfect example of knowing your audience. Hubspot use the post to garner interest and add to it with more detail in the caption of the post. 


But how can you steal from this? 


If you are a service, think about what your audience’s interests are in relation to your service. An easy way to create graphics like these is to use an app like Canva. Which you can learn more about in our latest video here!



Business to Customer Service



You’ve probably heard of Expedia, but have you seen their social media?

Creating an encapsulating social media for a B2C service is difficult, but don’t worry if you’re finding it difficult,  you can just “borrow” from Expedia!


Instead of advertising the benefits and features of their platform they upload aspirational travel photos, they use the caption to tell stories and highlight interesting holiday destinations.



Rather than selling their platform directly, Expedia are using their Instagram to sell a lifestyle in connection with their holiday booking platform. They’re trying to inspire and entice people into booking (or at least look at) an exotic holiday, so they can achieve the same lifestyle and experiences as on their feed.


How can you use this for your own Instagram strategy?

Let’s take a food subscription box as an example, you could use your Instagram to show the recipes, health benefits or cost benefits of your service. However, something different you could do is to sell a lifestyle attributed with your subscription box. They say food brings people together, so use that! Think about how people could use your recipes, they could use it to impress a first date or get the family back together.


Business to consumer 

Ilford Photo


Ilford Photo are a specialist company who create film for photography, a niché product for a small market, however, they have a strong presence on Instagram. The nature of their business lends itself to Instagram, which is a very visual platform. So what do they do?


Ilford photo often posts user-generated content, this can be photo or videos of people using their products and sharing their stories or quotes from famous photographers.


Ilford uses their Instagram as an inspirational page for photographers interested in the old techniques of photography. By offering inspiration to their followers it can help get people into photography and help them understand the process of using their products.



How can you replicate this?


You can find user-generated content by creating your own hashtag. Photographers often use hashtags of their products e.g. #ilfordhp5 or #ilfordfilm. So either search what people are already using or create your own and encourage your followers to use the hashtag. When you find something you like, simply ask them for permission to post it with credit. You can enhance the post by asking for information about how they use your products. 


B2B Product

JCB Agriculture


JCB Agriculture runs quite a “traditional” Instagram page, with a twist. They show off their products, their uses and benefits. However, they enhance their posts with stories of how people are using their products and in interesting places.

Rather than just showing pictures and specifications of their products in every post they show that there are people behind them and that using them can create a story of its own.



By using testimonials and peoples stories in their posts it helps to keep your audience interested in the product. JCB Agriculture often use stories and testimonials that mention or showoff the benefits of the product. For example farming equipment like JCB could be showing off that one of the perks of using their products is the outdoor lifestyle.


But how can you use this technique? Again user-generated content is always a good idea as it saves a lot of time and money in creating your own content. Another way is to go and meet the people who use your products, or ask them to take a picture of them in their everyday working life. 



Capture House


If you’re a creative company like us why not use your Instagram as a portfolio to show off your work and capabilities.


By using your Instagram as a portfolio it shows off your work for potential clients as well as increasing your credibility.

One way to make your posts more interesting is to add customer testimonials or stories about the process of creating the project. This can give potential customers an insight into how you work with your customers and the struggles you may have and how you overcome them.


If you’re interested in learning more about creating good content that works for your social media check out our Facebook group The Creative Collective, where we show you how to grow your business using content and social media.




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