4 simple website copy ideas anyone can do!

February 11, 2020


You may have a great looking website, but it doesn’t matter if no one is visiting it!

Content marketing has taken off in the last few years and everyone is looking to populate their website with content to keep customers coming back and offer them something other than a shopping cart.

So how do you start doing this for your website? Here are Capture House’s 4 simple website copy ideas that anyone can do!


1. Embed Video


Video is an important part of content on the internet and your website copy. It’s only set to get more important. An estimated 80% of online traffic is video and it helps to grow your business. It may seem like a difficult thing to do but it’s super simple and adds a lot to your website and can be used almost anywhere. 

I wrote a blog about why you should be creating video for you brand called 6 reasons why you should do video production and Jordan spoke about how simple it can be on our Facebook page The Creative Collective






Vans host videos on their site all about the different sports their products cater to. With stories from skaters, snowboarders and surfers. Thereby peaking their customers interests and keeping users on the site for longer.





2. Write a blog


Writing a blog is a great example of something that’s easy to do to add your website copy.

By writing a blog you can offer advice and an insight into your company and your personality. A major thing in marketing is story telling, this is where you use your brand to tell a story to get your audience more invested in your brand. So use your blog to tell your brand story, you’re not just a name, you’re a group of people with different interests and thoughts, and people want to hear them.






The Buffer blog is all about running your own business and social media. Their main client base for their software are freelancers, so their blog caters to this by offering practical tips on social media and digital marketing.




3. Give Lifestyle Inspiration/ Ideas


Offering your customers inspiration and showing how your product or service can affect their lives makes your product more aspirational. In addition to this you can become the place they come to when they want inspiration about outdoor living, or interior design. You can do this by creating a mood board of your favourite examples in your industry. They don’t all have to be your products, they just have to give ideas and keep people coming back.






Ikea have an inspiration section of the website to give users ideas on how they can update their interior design, as well as offering solutions to problems like living in a confined space. Ikea does promote and advertise their own products on this page but mostly their offering ideas on modern living.




4. Offer Expert Advice


If there’s one thing your business can offer it’s expert advice on your product or service. No one knows your products like you do. You can offer buying tips, how to's or just general advice about a hobby pertaining to your product. By offering advice it can help convince customers that they can achieve their ideal outcome with your product.




Feel Unique


Feel Unique talk to experts and give advice on new makeup and fashion trends and how to do them effectively. This keeps people coming back for new tips and advice.




Want more content ideas? Check out the Creative Collective Group, where we share ideas and get expert opinion on how to build your business through content Marketing. We'll see you there! 






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