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August 27, 2019

Personally, I believe it's better out than in when it comes to farts... and photographing headshots. Obviously this all depends on the type of image you want to portray. Each person or business wants to be portrayed differently, and headshots are a good way to build your and your company's image.


Shooting outdoors has the advantage of making photos, particularly headshots, look more natural than their studio counterparts and I think this makes people appear more 'loose' and informal. Studio photographs tend to be used by more corporate and 'white collar' businesses. Shooting against a close, plain backdrop indoors can make images look flat as they don’t offer the depth that can be more easily achieved outside. Make sure your photographer knows how to light these spaces well otherwise your headshot can look very two dimensional.





Alternatively, if you want a mixture of both ask your photographer for some images where you actually work, this could help them appear especially unique and authentic to your brand.




Outdoor locations offer a range of backdrops to choose from, whether you want natural greenery or industrial greys of a cityscape. 


An overcast sky or shade gives you instantly soft and flattering light to work with, without having to spend time working out a complex lighting setup – giving you more time to work on your perfect headshot look.


All of this sounds great, right?

There are a few cons with the outdoors, the biggest being (drum roll) THE WEATHER!


Arranging a headshot photoshoot outdoors leaves you to the mercy of the unpredictable British weather so it’s good to be flexible if you need to reschedule due to rain. At Capture House we are lucky enough to have a studio that is surrounded by trees and rolling hills with an infinite amount of backgrounds and when the weather turns against us, we can quickly run indoors and shoot there. Having a studio in the middle of nowhere also means less people, therefore we are more likely to have some privacy. Outdoor locations are often public spaces so there’s never a guarantee that you won’t have an audience. 


Outdoors, you are limited to daylight hours, especially in Autumn/Winter months. Once the sun goes down (unless you want a dramatic night shoot) there's little you can do. In the studio, the photographer controls the light and can increase/decrease the power of it.

To sum up, if you are a lawyer ask for a very professional image with a suit and plain background, while a creative business owner could be a bit more casual and fun with their headshot. Match the images to your brand.




















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