Exterior Property Photography: Top Tips!

August 5, 2019

As a property developer or real estate agency, property photography is crucial and exterior property photography has to be perfect! Think about it, when a client heads to your website and views a new development, the exterior property photos are they first thing they see. This can make or break the users experience with you. We want to let you in on our 5 top tips to exterior property photography: 


1. Photo Ready Property

What we mean is make sure the space around the property is clean and tidy, as much as possible anyway. Move any cars, tidy up the garden or grass and try to move any unwanted objects out of the way. 



2. A Tripod is Key

When it comes to exterior property photography a tripod is a must. You can check your angles and lines with ease and you want to explore long exposure shots due to lighting or want to play with moving cars etc. a tripod is a necessity to keep the camera 100% steady. 



3. Use a Drone

If your property is in a particularly picturesque area or you want to show a full set of apartments or an entire new development plot then drone photography can be key. Firstly, it's something different to the rest of your images and it can show your development in a completely different light showcasing different USPs. 


4. Capture the Details

Does the property you've developed have interesting features or unique architectural details? If yes, make sure you capture these! It'll help your photos stand out from the rest and showcase what makes your particular property different. These details and features can often be a good selling point of the property as well as show your companies ingenuity when it comes to developing properties. 



5. Edit Time

Using some pretty basic editing techniques you can remove blemishes, tidy up any unwanted reflections, straighten up any angles and brighten colours to make your photos really pop! In the 21st century, editing is just as important as the photo itself as it's here you can take an image from ok to amazing so we recommend you look at purchasing an editing software like Lightroom, Photoshop or Photoscape to really enhance your images. 


For more information on how Capture House can help you, email Fiona@capturehouse.co.uk





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