Menu Design: How important is it?

July 29, 2019

A restaurant or bars menu is the one piece of internal advertising that every single customer will read when they walk through the door. Having an appealing, on brand and clean menu is a great way to educate your guests about your establishment, immediately setting the tone for their experience. 



As a creative agency we obviously believe the design is integral, however before your designer can create something awesome your head-chef and manager have to develop the menu. This is the driving force of any amazing menu, they are essentially the mastermind behind it all! Their knowledge of your current customers as well as your ideal clientele, vision of the business and culinary expertise are what make a truly great menu. 


The writing of the menu is the next step. Great, you have fantastic dishes but how are you going to make them appealing your customer? Every restaurant and bar is different here but it all comes down to the description of your product. Hitting up your consumers imagination is a sure fire way to convert more sales as humans can't help think of the process - using phrases such as home-made, freshly baked, chef designed immediately makes customers believe they're getting something a little extra.



When it comes to the design of the menu, creating something on brand and memorable is crucial. The aim of any menu is to make consumers excited to be at your establishment, inform them of your food and drinks, as well as any offers, and make your menu memorable enough that they recommend your business to friends and family. A menu should not just be on brand when it comes to fonts and colours but also when it comes to the establishments tone and personality. A sophisticated, fine-dining menu should look totally different to a quirky cocktail joints menu! 



Here are some things to think about when designing your next menu: 

• Think of the user-experience. Basically what we mean is, think about what order a consumer will order food and design your menu in a way to means a customers eye will follow this journey. 

• Size of font. You want your menu to be clear and easy to read so keep the font a good size- Sounds obvious we know but you'd be surprised! 

• Order of Dishes. Think carefully about what way round dishes go. If you have a "pasta" section, put the highest margin dishes at the top and the bottom of the section as this is where most customers pay more attention. 

• Highlight key points. Maybe you've added a new dish to you menu, maybe you want to showcase your chefs favourite or maybe you have a few special offers, highlight these so they stand out to your consumers. 


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