Grow Your Festival With Video

May 7, 2019

Showcasing your festival-goers experience in the most immersive way possible is a challenging task and one you may be thinking of doing differently to maximise your event promotion for next year.


Video content is fast becoming one of the more common content solutions to encourage event growth but can be a daunting thing to know where to start. We have worked with a number of events to understand what they want to achieve and have successfully delivered content that has the impact they needed!


In order to create successful video content, we need to first thing about what it is you want this content to deliver - do you want to increase awareness of your event? Grow ticket sales for the following year? Attract bigger, better sponsorship? Redefine or consolidate what your event is all about? Once we understand what you want to achieve, we can think about the best platform for your content; do you need multiple short content for use across social media? Is it a longer video for use on your website? Or something in between for sending via email or showcasing in presentations? Capture House can then provide guidance on the length of filming required and will work through the planning stages with you to storyboard, scout locations, build shot lists and recruit contributors.


Our team are dedicated to delivering content that works, just look at what we have achieved in the past: Smoke & Fire Festival approached Capture House to film their event with the purpose of increasing ticket sales and sponsors the following year. As a result, they doubled the size of the event and got sponsors such as Monster and Southern Comfort on board. Our video was an important part of initiating the conversation with these big brands.




If you are interested in starting a conversation that can lead to taking your event to the next level, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you achieve this!



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