Headshot Ready?

March 18, 2019

This week we want to talk to you abot Headshots; why we believe they're important, the various styles and how to best prepare yourself! A headshot can be a powerful assest to your personal brand or your companies online presence. 


Everyone knows the traditional, studio style headshot and whulst this is great and works perfectly for some companies, don't be afraid to step outside of the norm! Brand your headshot like you do your business; if you're a plumber why not involve some tools or if you're an estate agent why not use you're local high street or an assortment of properties as a backdrop. At Capture House, we like add personality into your headshots and create a style we believe suits you as an individual as well as your companies brand! 



As you can see from above, we love to shoot on location! Shooting on location is a good way to create an interesting backdrop as well as creating a unique headshots. Shoot somewhere that helps define your business - try to fit where you are shooting to your brand or the vibe you want to give off.



We often get asked "what should I wear for a headshot session?" Our first tip is you have to love the outfit and feel super comfortable wearing it. If you feel amazing in your outfit then you'll be more confident and relaxed - which always helps when have a photo taken! Be yourself and represent your brand through your outfit choice. If you're a creative, urban comapny then you might want to wear something quirky and casual, whereas if you're an accountant you may want to represent yourself in a more formal attire. 



The single most important thing about a headshot session is your smile! It's proven that people engage more with a happy, smiling face than one that isn't. Throughout the headshot session it's important to have a laugh and a joke with your photographer; and I'm sure your photographer will have plenty of ways to make you laugh. This will make you feel comfortable and the photographer will be able to capture this, along with a natural smile. 



In this digital age we believe that a unique headshot that accurately represents you and your brand is the perfect way to grab a potential clinets attention. Whether you need it for LinkedIn or your website a professional headshot can really help build customer relations by putting a face to a name. 













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