How to do LinkedIn Right

February 28, 2019

LinkedIn is a great platform you can use to network with professionals in your field. Too many people misuse the platform or not use it at all (including myself), not discovering its full potential. 


This week I had the opportunity to photograph and join in on a business seminar by Sean Purcell ( detailing how to use LinkedIn and how to get the most out of it.




Before opening an account, there is a few things you should consider.


LinkedIn is not for everyone. Don’t follow the crowd and do it just because everyone else is. If your audience/potential clients are not using LinkedIn, investing yourself in this platform may be a waste of time.


You should not use LinkedIn as a selling platform. Use it as a marketing and networking platform instead, this will be more beneficial to you and your business and will lead to sales if done right.


Do LinkedIn right and consistently! Be authentic and don’t overthink what you post. Make your profile engaging, encouraging people to interact with you and the things you do.


If you want to use LinkedIn as a business platform effectively, you need to be all in. Dedicate a slot in your diary every week or everyday just for LinkedIn. Make sure this is consistent and done at the same time every week.


If you think LinkedIn is for you, open an account and make it look pretty! The first thing people see when viewing your profile are your profile photo and the cover photo at the top of the page. Make sure that your profile photo is a warm, welcoming and professional photograph of yourself. Profiles receive 36% more views when a profile photo is used. People love people and seeing a real face online builds trust.




Once the images are sorted, it is also important to write the correct information on your profile. The information in your headline is the first thing people see, this has to persuade people to connect with you as well as explain what it is you do. Let people know what problems they have and assure them you can solve any of these problems. You don’t want this to be too detailed, the detail goes into your summary.


The summary is where you show off and tell people more about what it is you do and how you can help your them achieve their business goals. 


Now you’ve sorted your profile, created a few posts and interacted with your network, I’m sure you’d like to know how well you are doing. I will now tell you just how to do that.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) scores your profile out of a hundred and to check that, you simply follow this link: 


Below is an example of a not so good (my own) LinkedIn SSI.




You will have to log in to your account to check this information. This will show how well you are doing and how good you are in comparison to your network and industry. If your numbers are low, you are not doing enough to boost your profile. Maybe you don’t interact enough with your network? Or you don’t connect with enough people? LinkedIn works best with a high number of connections, anything below 500 is probably not good enough. Interacting with your connections increases your profile ranking, so make sure you like, share and most importantly comment on your connections’ posts.


So in conclusion, find out if LinkedIn will work for you. If your audience doesn’t use LinkedIn, don’t waste your time on it. If you do use it, go all out, be consistent, post entertaining content, interact with your audience and make the most out of it. 


Thank you to Sean Purcell for the valuable information and thank you for reading.




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