One for the Photo Newbies

January 14, 2019

Hey Peeps,



Today we've got some advice.


Getting into photography? Need advice? Look no further! We have all the information you need to progress with your hobby/future career.


If you are thinking that the most important thing you need is a good camera to start your photography journey, you are wrong! The first, and most important thing you need is passion. You can take a photo using a phone, a point and shoot camera or even an empty beer can. It might be easy to become passionate about photography but keeping the spark alive in that relationship with your camera (or beer can in some cases) can be quite difficult at times. Do not give up! Fight for what you love! Keep it interesting and always aspire to do better than your last photograph.


Choose a subject you will enjoy photographing and do it! 


                 Love astronomy? Take great photos of the night sky!

                 Love pets? Take portraits of your dog!

                 Love getting drunk? Take your camera to a party!


You never know what you end up with. Just keep it interesting and always look for new ways to photograph your subject and you will never get bored.


Whatever you use to make your photograph, learn everything you can about it! Knowing your equipment is very important, whether it is an empty beer can, £25 point and shoot or a high-end £25,000 camera with a fully equipped photographic studio. Knowing what your equipment is capable of will help you understand what you can do with it. But don’t stop at its limits. Exceed them and see how far you can take it. You might come out with a masterpiece or a piece of poop but you will never know until you try.


Staying inspired, especially when doing the same thing over and over again will be difficult. For me, looking at images of other photographers works a treat. Choose a photo you like and try to recreate it. Doing that, you will learn a lot of things, and you will most likely not end up recreating the image exactly. Instead you will end up with something better, your own interpretation of it.


We used the first image as a reference and created the other image!





As proof for passion, below is an article about garbage men who have converted their not so exciting job into pretty much masterpieces, using bins as their cameras. 



Stay inspired and keep shooting! 


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