Fireworks in the studio!

December 3, 2018

Hello Blog Lovers,


As it's now December (and basically Christmas), I thought this blog deserved something festive.


A couple of weeks ago, we decided to be a little creative in the studio. Because it was just after bonfire night, and the festive season is fast approaching, fireworks and sparklers came to my head and I decided to set some alight in our lovely studio. But was it a good idea?


Bishop Nick, the company behind the Sacred Ales of Essex, visited our studio with a little christmassy gift, their festive beer, freshly bottled. We took the beer straight to the studio and being a festive beer, it deserved some special treatment...creativity was the answer and I guess nothing is more creative than light painting with a sparkler!



It turns out, setting sparklers on fire was great idea, until we ran out of ideas outside the bottle and decided to place it inside, which actually started off really well. As soon as the sparklers have disappeared inside the bottle (still lit), we all secretly started panicking on the inside.





















There was smoke, fire, smell of burning and a glass bottle that could explode and shatter to millions of pieces piercing through skin, causing chaos and possible tragic injuries. Which would make a good excuse for a day off but (un)fortunately none of that happened, and apart from a hot bottle and a little wee coming out, the result of our creativity had a very positive outcome.


I'd say be as creative as you like, but maybe stay away from fire, glass, smoke, fast tidal currents, heights, blizzards, dangerous animals, natural disasters, volcanoes and anything else that can be dangerous. 


Thanks for popping by,




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