The Importance of Design

November 26, 2018

Hello lovely blog readers, 


This week I wanted to talk to you about the importance of design and establishing a strong brand identity, look and feel. When you think of the most well established companies, you can instantly picture their logo(s), colour structures and possibly even their fonts. This isn’t something these brands stumbled upon in a lucky moment! A lot goes into developing the ideal brand for your company! 


In this fast-paced, hectic world we understand that sales and revenue can often overtake branding and creating new content. We believe in a 360 approach to marketing where design plays a crucial role to engage your current consumers and entice new clients. 


Recently, we've been working with a new company - Natural Bare Energy - an organic energy drink that wants to revolutionise how consumers view the energy drink market.


To start this journey, we began with logo creation. We brainstormed different ideas and how we can incorporate the powerful energy drink vibe with healthy and natural connotations. We played around with different colours schemes, different fonts and various art work styles. At Capture House we believe it's so important for us to work alongside you and create the brand you've been dreaming of. The final logo was chosen and the rest of the brand began to a form. 


Next, we started to work on a mood board and some concept art. At Capture House we think a mood board is super helpful within any business. It identifies your key colours and fonts as well as the key look and feel of your brand identity. Psychological studies have been conducted to see how people perceive different colours, and we like to use that when branding to help convey a message. Certain colours can create excitement or sadness, increase appetite, or even create a feeling of warmth or coolness. 

With so many companies competing for attention, having exceptional design is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the over saturated market online. Humans habituate to our environments and become familiar with things that don’t stand out. If people noticed every detail of every little thing, there’d be a massive information overload! For designers, it’s important to visualise the design and brand the way your target audience will view it. This way you can better determine what would help the product and brand stand out on the shelf amongst competitors. 


With Natural Bare Energy we wanted to create an exciting product that would stand out on the shelf but still connote health alongside energy. Our first concept was this! 



We loved the vibrant colours and unique graphics on this can. However, we also tried a healthier themed product focusing more on the ingredients and health benefits. The second design was also in a resealable aluminium bottle. 


If you take away one thing from this blog, it’s that good design decisions aren’t just made by chance; they’re made after hours of research, careful planning and lots of time and energy. There’s a lot more to the design process than just making a logo and trying different variations until you have one you like. For Capture House, there’s a lot of planning and research work that is done in the design process, including familiarising themselves with the brand, target customer and goals of the company. 







Thanks for reading, 


Speak Soon, 


Sam xx
































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