Reasons to Invest in a Website!

February 19, 2018

Hello lovely blog readers, 


This week we wanted to talk to you about the reasons to invest in a new website design. Although the initial cost can be off-putting for some, a modern and impressive website can generate huge amount of new business! 


Here are our top reasons to invest in a new website: 


• A website is a potential customers first impression of your business.


• Well-maintaned websites give your business an edge against competitors.


• Websites increase sales, enhance your brand image and improve customer satisfaction.


• You get 24/7 presence on the online high street! Customers will always able to find you.


• In today’s modern world, websites have become a form of credibility and an expectation for most potential clients.



There are several things to think about when getting you website designed or re-designed - for instance:


Do you want an e-commerce website so customers can buy your products directly? 


Does the design represent your brand image? 


Do you need new photos taken to make your website stand out? 


Does the designer understand your vision? 


Are you happy with the content? 


At Capture House we believe a few things are extremely important when having a website built.


Firstly, a mobile friendly design is extremely import. As of 2017, over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. You don't want to miss out on potential clients by having a desktop only website. In all of our packages the mobile design is included in the price! 



Secondly, we believe understanding our clients needs are extremely important. Whether it's getting a clear grasp on the brand identity or gaining knowledge on the products, we think it's vital to understand you and your business. 


If your designers understand you and your business they can create: 


• A more unique website


• Give the site a personal and knowledgeable feel


• Create a website which stands out against competitors. 


• Gives you faith in them as designer


• Give the website increased SEO



Simple but effective web design is so important in today's hectic world. 


When it comes to clients, the most important thing for them is that the website design is clear and easy to use. If potential clients find the website difficult to navigate or cannot find the information they want, they will simply find a different website.


If your website requires a store we like to break this down into clear sections. 


If you're a restaurant we want to make it easy to book a table and view the menu.


If you you're an events venue we want to clearly show your different tariffs. 


If you're a print company we want to show your style. 


Whatever you business, a web designers aim should be to make your services clear and easy to access. 



We strongly believe that a great website can make an unmeasurable difference to any business. 


So in summary, if you're thinking of investing in a new website make sure to remember these top tips: 


• Make sure the designer you choose cares about you and your business *cough* we do that.


• The website needs to be mobile friendly *cough* and that


• Simple, effective and stylish *cough* duhh


• Your products/services are featured heavily *cough* don't forget dem sexy product pics 


• Tell the story of your business and make sure your brand image is consistent *cough* really?


A new website isn't always cheap, but in todays world we would argue it is a necessity of any business. Also, you have to remember it's an investment and you will easily make a good return from having an online presence. 



Speak soon blog readers,


Peace Out, 




















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