June 29, 2017

Hiya, I'm Georgia Nicholls,


I'm gunna talk about how I have enjoyed every min of my journey  being at a place called Capture House. A person like me having an opportunity of having Work Experience in this crazy and creative place is an experience. I'm near to the end of Work Experience because I finish tomorrow ( sad face ). 

At the beginning of my time here, I came in on Monday,  I sat down and I had NOT GOT A CLUE what.. to do, so I went back outside started to call my mum and said come pick me up!


 Naaaa jokes that's so not what I did, I WOULD NEVER! 


What really happened was Sam was at a Baby Shower at the weekend and as a Present she took some photographs of the day, I "of corse" had the day to edit and transfer the photos in to Amazing final outcomes. 


 Then later on that day I went to go with Sam to do photoshoot on a 16 year old boy called Nathan.  ( We got lost on are travels to this photoshoot because, well Sam thought it was set in Flitch Green near Little Dunmow, but no. ' HEHE ' It no way near there, is was completely different I didn't know really where is was, but i can say It was very nice where we went tho. ) 

 That day was over and for that first day I really enjoyed every min. 


Tuesday. I came in early. 20 mins early, so I just waited around till everyone was there. Then I was working on this website that i created from scratch for a wedding venue called 'Melington Hall' It came out pretty good for my first ever web design project I created. I had to improve on bits and pieces, but it still  came out quite impressive on what i can actually do on making a website. I thought it was all good.


After everything, Jordan was going to take me to The Flitch House to take some photographs of Bottles of booze and a glass of Gin at 3:00, we did end up going there but like at half 4, hehe. 


That was that crazy day. 


Wednesday. I came in sat down and sorted myself out for the day. I then got asked to edit the photos from what I took yesterday at Flitch House.  


Then I had my photo taken of a close up my face so I can have a photo based for this blog. Sam took them while Jordan finished his thing off on his mac.  So I finished my little photoshoot outside the building,



I came back in and sat down finishing my editing on the photos. When I finished them, again to me they came out pretty decent and Sam and Jordan thought so too, but I had to improve on some little tweaks on them. It didn't really bother me. By the time I got to this stage in the day I then started to edit my own face on Lightroom. I of corse tried to make me look better than I actually was on the photo. (Thats what everyone would do right, or is that just me? oh well that what I did anyway hehe). 


Now I'm typing up my blog.


Tomorrow ' my last day ' I will be going back to editing some more photographs from what Jordan took today for a girls prom, then me and Jordan and I would be going back to the Flitch House to take photos of hot food or drinks. I mean it sounds like a pretty decent day. 


I have got to say for the first time having Work Experience and in one incredible place with a fantastic bunch of people that have made me feel like I'm part of the team. I have had crazy time. I have learnt so much in like 4 days. Jordan and Sam are very helpful on everything I have done and that has lead me in the right direction for what I need in the future. 


Thank you for letting me have a week of learning what u do as a job.  



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