How To Shoot The Perfect Event!

January 25, 2017

Hey everyone, 


Another busy, busy, busy week here at Capture House. This week we thought we'd talk about an event we were at this weekend, a 21st Birthday Party, and the different styles and techniques of photography. Basically some top tips!

Firstly,  don't be afraid to focus on the small details. People often forget these when at a busy event and that's you're job - to capture the entire occasion. I'd recommend using a low aperture (around 1.8) as this creates an amazing depth of field meaning the object is in focus and the background is distinctly blurry- like the photo below. 

Another tip is to move around. You'd be amazed how different a moment can be from alternative positions. You'll capture different emotions by moving; making people feel like they are at the event when viewing your photos. Also, experiment with unusual angles to create a varied range of images.

I'd also argue that patience is key; waiting for the perfect moment can be vital. For instance, aim the camera at two people chatting and wait for them to laugh before taking the picture to create a more unique image. 




importantliterally your jobFollowing from this, capturing the to take this photo so don't be afraid of getting to the front of the crowd to get the perfect image. Aperture is you're best friend in these situations. The lower the aperture the more human like the image seems as it focuses on the individual.  moments (like the blowing out of candles) are crucial at any event. If you're being paid, it's quite



At a lot of events you'll often be dealing with difficult low lighting,  I'd recommend never going lower than 80 (unless your subject is still). Aperture also effects the light, the lower the aperture the lighter the image. However, when taking photos of a group be careful as you don't want those at the back to be out of focus to tackle this I wouldn't always jump to the flash, (although I will talk about this later) I'd use the settings on my camera to the best of my ability. Firstly, you have the ISO. The higher you set this this lighter the image. However great that sounds it has its problems; the higher the ISO the higher the grain. Therefore I would suggest keeping your ISO as low as possible to prevent grain. Depending on your camera try to stay below 1000/2000. Next you have shutter speed. The lower the shutter speed the lighter the image but be cautious of motion blur.

My final tip for you is use the flash if you need too. A lot of photographers worry about using a flash however you can create some really awesome photos using it. A really cool tip whilst using the flash is to set the shutter speed really low, in an area with moving lights like the dance floor. This creates the affect that the lights are moving and the subject is still. The flash captures the people where the low shutter speed allows the light to keep moving, example shown below. 


Well, there we have it. My top tips on Event Photography! I hope you all find them useful.


Speak soon, 


Sam xx


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