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RedBlaze | Sky Retail Awards | Event Photography

The Capture House team recently embarked on an exciting journey, swapping the familiar landscapes of Essex for the bustling cityscape of Manchester. Our mission? To serve as an event photographer for RedBlaze, a top-notch events agency, at Sky's Retail Awards.

As event photographers, we understand the importance of capturing the essence and energy of each occasion. For the Sky Retail Awards, this meant documenting every memorable moment, from the anticipation before winners were announced to the joyous celebrations that followed.

Working closely with the RedBlaze team, we ensured we were in the right place at the right time, ready to capture the highlights of the evening. Our event photo collection aimed to tell the story of the night, showcasing the excitement, camaraderie, and pride evident at the awards.

Travelling from Essex to Manchester was an adventure in itself, but the real thrill was being part of such a prestigious event. We loved every minute of it - the buzz of the crowd, the glittering award trophies, and the expressions of sheer delight when winners were announced. These are the moments that make event photography so rewarding.

The results of our event photography for the Sky Retail Awards were fantastic. Each event photo captured a unique moment, creating a vivid narrative of the awards ceremony. Our collaboration with RedBlaze was a resounding success. We relished the opportunity to serve as event photographers for such a high-profile event and can't wait to embark on more adventures like this in the future. If you're looking for an event photographer to capture your next big occasion, Capture House is ready and eager to help. Get in touch today to book your next event coverage!


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