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Rebel Strength | Product Photography | Studio

Rebel Strength is an emerging fitness brand that designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality gym, fitness and strength equipment to suit all needs and abilities. Their customers have the option of further customisation, as well as the offering of a bespoke service in which they produce high-quality products tailored to individual needs and abilities.

As a new business, they knew how to make incredible gym equipment but they didn't how to present it professionally to customers. This resulted in the website being full of images of their equipment still in a welding bay or on a grubby factory floor. As a result, their conversion rate was low and they relied heavily on going to live shows to push their gym equipment.

Capture House was recommended to Rebel Strength by Alloy Fabweld because of the high-quality work we had done for them, how easy were were too with and the knowledge that we could pass on having worked with global brands.

Rebel Strength needed high quality images of their products to feature on the website we were building them.

During the planning stages, we sat with the directors and looked at their competition and the market leaders to see what worked well for them and what we believed we could improve on within their budget. Using this information, we opted for taking pictures on a white studio background. With larger equipment that they didn't have in stock, we photoshopped the existing images to match the new ones we took.

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