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Avant Tecno | Product Photography | Product Launch

Avant Tecno are a Finland based manufacturer of agile, compact utility machinery used by a spectrum of end users including farmers, landscape gardeners, local authorities, horse owners and private individuals.

Capture House was approached by Avant Tecno UK as they required images of a new machine that was being released. As the company's headquarters are based in Finland, all of the existing images were taken in several feet of snow and wasn't appropriate for the UK market. We worked in collaboration with Fuchsia Exhibition Services to produce a series of images to be used by the press and on their website.

Our team had worked with Avant Tecno UK before producing video content and hosting a multi-day virtual conference. Their marketing team knew the quality of our work was excellent and they had experienced our fast turnaround and ease of service before. Working with Capture House was the obvious choice.

Capture House and Fuchsia Exhibitions worked with the marketing team to develop a brief focusing on the features that we wanted to capture, target industries, and image style. Using this information we formulated a list of locations, sourced models, and a shot list. This made the lives easier for the team at Avant Tecno UK and meant the project ran faster.

The photoshoot took place over two days in six different settings including woodland, private gardens, a Rolls Royce dealership, a farm yard, combine harvester storage, building site.

The day before the shoot, it snowed for the first time in two years meaning that we had to find ways of taking photos while avoiding the snow. Remember the whole point of us taking images were that they didn't include snow in the pictures. Just our luck. Our team swept the snow away and changed some locations to ensure no snow was in the images.

Our team delivered more than what was required. This meant that Avant Tecno UK had plenty of choice in images and that they could send different images to the press to add variety and keep interest high.

Capture House now provide all professional photography and videography content for Avant Tecno UK.

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