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Live Streaming

Live Streaming by Capture House

Due to the fact that the internet is available everywhere, live streaming has become more and more popular every year and is a very easy and effective way for companies to reach their target market. May it be on multiple platforms or just one. YouTube is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience without an account and with high quality. 



When a company announces a new product, a live stream is the best way to reach the widest audience possible. Since the majority of people have smartphones, people can access the live stream and be notified about it. 


Our live streaming software, such as OBS Studio, is capable of streaming to numerous platforms and allows us to control cameras, microphones and scenes including any text overlays that might be needed. Quality is also very important when live streaming. Whenever an audience watches a video online, they will watch it in the best possible quality. Whenever possible, we strive to have the live stream uploaded at the highest bitrate (bandwidth) available in order to provide the smoothest, high-quality video possible. Depending on the situation, we are also able to record and broadcast the event to be later uploaded in its full quality if there are any restrictions on the local internet.

Camera and lighting

We use the highest quality cameras, microphones and lighting to make sure that everything is seen and heard. We're also able to see an example feed so we know the results before going live         


How can this benefit you as a company? 


  • Company announcements 

  • Product launches 

  • Pre-recorded promotional videos 

  • Boost the algorithm 

  • Broadcast live on your website

  • Live chat

  • New revenue

  • Limited time


This is what a company is most likely to live stream in their event and as it will likely be news that your audience wants to hear and see, she would choose these as the main reasons for live streaming. It's a very good idea to include pre-recorded promotional videos into your promotional campaigns because it will keep the quality of engagement high. Every social media platform has an algorithm that determines how far your content will go. Having a longer live stream can help boost audience engagement as it has more time to be reached. Having a countdown being live-streamed can bring a waiting room for your broadcast. Having the broadcast link to your own website can also increase traffic.

An added benefit to living to stream is that the company will be able to chat one to one with its audience and customers and be able to answer any questions. This can also help with the quality of the stream, this can also help with the duration of the stream.

As this could also be the first time your company gets to talk to your audience and consumers it will help make a live stream in the future better. This is because you will be able to review the situation and change anything that is needed. A live stream is very beneficial to showing who you are and only applying pre-recorded videos when needed. Viewers will be more engaged with this new content. 


There is also the opportunity to make an extra income during the live stream, if you have an audience bringing over 1,000 viewers the company could see an extra income just from a single live stream. As the company grows and new products are launched more people will be coming to the live stream equaling more income. 


Having more viewers on your page website or channel can really help bring a larger audience to your company. This is because more people are likely to click on the video if it has a huge amount of yours, especially for new viewers. Therefore, it is critical to keep the Lifestream as engaging as possible to create a more successful lifestream.

Limited time

A big benefit of a live stream is that it is limited and people would rather watch a 3-hour live stream than a 3-hour VOD (Video on Demand). This is another reason why more people are likely to watch the live stream. 

Live events

Moving to live events is a little bit of a different situation compared to a company releasing a product or talking about upcoming news. With a live event such as a concert, it is very helpful to have all the cameras available to visually show the event info. Everything still applies however it is more focused on visually broadcasting the event.


If revenue is generated from live events, the control can be different. For example, if the event is quite large, the company may even charge people to view it, such as at a festival. In addition, the company may earn revenue from advertising during the event.


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