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 Event Videography

How is Event Videography created ?

Event Videography naturally starts with an event, these vary in type, size and timings, therefore it is important the client provides a detailed brief of what the event is, what they would like to have filmed, and when and where the event is taking place.

Events vary in time, and often there would be a schedule of the event and what happens when, this is a great way of letting the Videographer know where they have to be at what time. There is a lot going on at events and plenty to focus on, the guests, entertainment, main act, or decorations. The more detail the Videographer has on the day, the smoother the day will run and the client will receive all the footage they need.

Once we have the information we need about the event, the fun begins. The Videographer arrives at the venue before the time specified to scout the location. Events take place at various venues, which the Videoogrpaher may not be familiar with. This may cause various issues for the Videographer which we minimise by being as organised as possible.

Once the event is over and we are happy that we've captured everything required, an Editor will work to your deadline to edit and deliver a final video which might include a series of clips for a clients platforms.

How do you achieve great event Videos?

Event Videos are different to a commercial shoot as you may find you will have minimal control over the lighting and what happens on the day. Preparation, adapting to the environment, knowing your equipment's capabilities, and being part of the action are the things that make or break your event photos. Adapting to the environment you're in is key as you'll be able to control any problems that occur, changing lights, fast-moving action, being in the right place are things that can be utilised to make the best Videos. This also links to knowing your equipment's capabilities. All the problems above can be controlled within or with the help of your equipment, choosing the correct settings, shutter speeds, image bursts or lenses will help you get the best images possible.

What is the right Equipment to use?

The camera and the lens you use is quite important when it comes down to event videography. Sometimes events can be in the darkest environments and light can help iliminate what's in front of you With this, using the highest quality gear can help bring the images more detailed noise is a very big problem when it comes to low lighting situations and a high-quality camera normally can mean less noise. The lens that you also equip to the camera can have a big impact as some lenses lead in more light than others. Having a lens with the biggest aperture can really make a difference when it comes to low light situations.


There are different types of lenses you might want to use your event such as wide-angle to capture the entire scene and a zoom lens to get closer to the subject. For instance, a zoom lens is very good when it comes to not being too intrusive while getting close to the subject 


Sometimes you might want to be using light to help illuminate the scene you’re filming, it's good to use a powerful light capable of different temperatures to have a better white balance when filming.


The Final Video Production

When delivering the final film to the client it’s always best to give them the best scenes and to make sure that they are getting all the shots they asked for it’s always good to sometimes give them a little more then than they asked for and the work will look better It will give the client a lot more option to choose through their films which could be using anything from the website to social platforms.


The best thing with event videography is that the better job you do there is a more likely chance that they will want you back in the following year, events can be yearly so it’s important to make them remember you and to stand out with the work.

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