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How we started

Born in late 2015 from the bright minds of Jordan Bright and Andy Coleman, Capture House was formed both sharing a passion for creativity and seeing other people do well.


Together they formed an agency that delivered high-quality photo, video and design services fit for large global brands while making it accessible to start-ups and emerging brands.

Where we are now

Fast forward to today and we are now creating content for the likes of Subway, Unilever, Cadbury and Silverstone Circuit while still keeping that core value of supporting emerging brands and people with big ideas.

We have found a particular specialism in photographing with fast-moving consumer goods.

our work.gif

What we do

Capture House is a visual content agency that delivers photo, video and design services to businesses nationwide.

Our team of creatives act as an extension to your business, ensuring that you have a consistent stream of content in your arsenal.


One team, one dream.

Meet the team

Jordan Bright

Co-Founder & Marketing

AKA Freddie Mercury

Sam Brown

Head of Operations & Design

AKA Bossy Boots

Patryk Majewski

Head of Photography

AKA Photoshop Wizard

Adarsh Kurian


AKA Transition Master

Andy Coleman


AKA Mr 100mph

Fiona McGill

Head of Sales

AKA the Irish one

Sarah Leigh-Collyer

Editor & Creative

AKA Keeno

Gemma Guilfoyle


AKA Little Miss Spreadsheet

Dom Banes


AKA Domonom


Feel confident in your decision to work with us

Capture House always manage to provide amazing content, on time and at great value. No brief is too much and the shots are always well thought out and executed.

New England Seafood

  Leap • Fish said Fred • Wild Fish Discovery